Video STAMP Instalation

[English]This video was taken with two Go-Pro cams during the night of the inauguration of the exhibition Generator in Swinton Gallery where all the visitors (Old and Young) enjoyed leaving …

50 Triangles

In a 5×5 grid of squares. Ive divided each one of them into two triangles by a diagonal line. Creating 50 triangles inside a square. And then, following my previous …

Coming soon!!!

Next exhibition with new works “GENERATOR” @ SWINTON GALLERY From the 15th of September till the 21st of October 2017 CALLE MIGUEL SERVET 21, 28012 MADRID

5 Elements

These are the 5 essencial pieces used in the Teselas Project. Look closely because two of them are using the mirror effect.


Two different combinations of the Teselas Project done during the Mulafest Festival 2016 in big format.

Teselas 2016

Illustration of some of the beautiful combinations of the Teselas Project 2016 for Mulafest Festival.