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The Kaufman art project invites you to take a trip into the past through the abstraction and geometry. Under a series of seemingly simple works, created with flat colors and thick lines are hidden several symbols that we see reflected from mathematical theorems and coordinates to game and ingenuity exercises.

Kaufman presents the world as a system of coordinates. A research project that continues today, describing multiple objects and symbols that are stored in our subconscious since childhood. Each of these symbols, which may belong to a simple game of entertainment, are part of our memories of childhood and youth. Signs that are rescued, dissected and reinserted into the contemporary world in search of a new meaning.

The social grid in which we live today full of guidelines and rules, is the same as the one Kaufman uses to create his compositions. Beneath layers of paint of his works there is a checkerboard where each of its cells are arranged in a sense, a grid that is sometimes visible and other times lies within. This set of horizontal and vertical lines that create a checkerboard is rooted in our most primal memories, not only as spatial organization but also as an important part of leisure and entertainment. Memories of grid games for children, calligraphy notebooks, graph paper, word searches, crossword puzzles, rubik cube, Lego building blocks, puzzles, puzzle games like Tetris, and so on.